Hilary Duff Signs New Record Deal!

Hilary Duff announced last week on Twitter that she just signed a new record deal!  We knew Hilary had been working on some new music, and we’re hoping that now we’ll get to hear it sooner, rather than later!

In honor of new music from Hilary, let’s revisit some of our favorite songs!

“So Yesterday”
Hilary’s first single (excluding Lizzie McGuire songs).  Does anyone else remember the MTV “Making the Video” episode?

“Come Clean”
Which we all know and love as the theme song to “Laguna Beach.”

“Wake Up”
London, Paris, maybe Tokyo … we love all of Hilary’s looks in this video

“Why Not?”
This just makes us want to go watch “The Lizzie McGuire Movie. ” And go to Rome.

We can’t wait for more music from Hilary this year!  And we’re hoping she’ll go on tour and play some old favorites.

Be sure to follow Hilary Duff on Twitter for more updates!

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