Throwback Thursday: Theo James – From Lead Singer to Leading Man

We’re pretty sure all of America developed a crush on Theo James, who plays the male lead in the “Divergent” series, after the film’s successful opening weekend.    With his classic leading man good looks (we think he’s a cross between Paul Walker and James Franco), and the fact that he is British in real life, we’re sure legions of fangirls worldwide have a new poster boy, no matter what faction they’re in. But did you know beFOUR Theo James was cast as the super hot Dauntless mentor in “Divergent”, he was the lead singer of a band called Shere Khan? (yes, the name comes from The Jungle Book)

Watch Theo James perform an original song called “Skin”  with his old band below!

Alright, Theo proved he can sing in the acoustic videos, but he can play the harmonica?  As if that wasn’t enough, he also plays the piano and guitar?! *SWOON*

Click HERE to watch even more videos from Theo and Sherekhan.

He’s actually quite good! If only Theo would rejoin the music world and bless us with his beautiful voice… Hey!! We can dream, can’t we?!


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