The Real Reason To Watch The Olympics

Now that the 2014 Winter Olympics are well underway in Sochi, Norway leads the pack with 12 medals over all!
But who watches the Olympics for the medal counts? We like to watch for the cute boys…and sometimes for the ridiculous team uniforms (Norway Curling Team.…we’re looking at you in your wacky albeit snazzy pants).

We picked a few of Olympians that we think are the hottest – even based on their horrific “official” mugshots. We don’t know who takes those or when but it looks like they put the athletes on a 32-hour flight from New York to Russia and snapped them as soon as they got off the plane.

Mark McMorris – The 20 year-old Canadian took the bronze medal in Men’s Slopestyle Snowboarding and then he took our hearts. We did a quick Google search and discovered just how cute this kid is!  Click HERE for his official Sochi profile, follow Mark on Twitter and don’t forget to “like” his Official Facebook!
Mark McMorris - Facebook picture

Staale Sanbech – Not exactly our typical “hottie” but when he debuted his shocking new haircut on the podium for slopestyle snowboarding (Staale took silver) we were curious about the 20 year-old Norwegian. Check out Staale’s official Sochi profile, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and his official Facebook! Honestly, we don’t know how this InstaVideo hasn’t gone viral yet.

Magnus Hovdal Moan – Another Norwegian athlete who we discovered via sifting through the Sochi official profiles, Magnus is married with two sons (boo!!) but that doesn’t make him any less attractive! We clicked around on his Instagram and Twitter and realized he is extremely good looking!!  Again, we have no clue when they photograph the Olympians but those official photos do not do some of them justice.
Magnus Hovdal Moan - Norway Nordic Combined Event (source)     vs.  Magnus Moan - instagram photo (source)
Some of the athletes don’t always tweet in English (that’s what Google Translate is for, right?) but they will most definitely fill your Twitter and Instagram feeds with some pretty faces!
Let us know who your favorite hottie athletes in the Olympics are in the comments.


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