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Chloe Moriondo Dazzles NYC’s Irving Plaza

Chloe Moriondo proved that she’s a popstar when she brought her “Suckerpunch Tour” to NYC’s Irving Plaza this week. Kicking off the show with the campy “Popstar”, “Knockout”, and “Celebrity”, Chloe was a ball of energy criss crossing the stage like a veteran performer.

“Suckerpunch” is a rare record filled with early 00s pop references and interpolations, sickly sweet hits like “Fruity” and “Cdbaby<3” while wearing it’s candid heart on their sleeve on tracks like “Cry” and “Hearteyes.”

Chloe bared her teeth with the fans when asking who’s had their heart broken before launching into “Hell Hounds” and the ultra angsty kiss off track, “Trophy.”

Going for a costume change, Chloe played the ringleader extraordinaire during “Hotel For Clowns” and “DRESS UP” that reinvigorated the crowd energy that carried through the encore.

The fans gave as good as they got and at one point, helped Chloe crowd surf from stage to the middle of the venue before gently setting her down to part the crowd so she could get back to stage!

Be sure to stream Chloe Moriondo’s latest record, “Suckerpunch” on your favorite streaming platform or pick up a box set with exclusive merch HERE!

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