Jesse McCartney Releases New Single, “Superbad”

In case you were wondering where Jesse McCartney has been since “Beautiful Soul,” he’s been busy recording his next album, “In Technicolor”.   He just released the lead single off the album, “Superbad!”   Watch the video below – aka Jesse McCartney doing his best impression of Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

We’ve been fans of J-Mac since his days in Dreamstreet, and since he starred with a gap-toothed Zac Efron on “Summerland.”  (We’re still waiting for that show on Netflix…)  His EP “In Technicolor – Part 1”, released last December, was really a great evolution for the actor/singer and if the new album sounds like that (which he promises it does) then we can’t wait for him to announce a tour – you know we’ll be there!

While you wait for the new album from J-Mac, download the EP “In Technicolor – Part 1” on iTunes or Amazon.

Don’t forget to follow Jesse McCartney and Secret Fangirls on Twitter for the latest news!


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