The Vamps Reveal “Meet the Vamps” Tracklisting

With April 14th fast approaching, The Vamps revealed the official track listing for their highly anticipated debut album, “Meet The Vamps”.  Click on a track to hear a special sneak peak at the song from the album! Check out the track listing below.

1. Wild Heart
2. Last Night
3. Somebody To You
4. Can We Dance
5. Girls On TV
6. Risk It All
7. Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)
8. Another World
9. Move My Way
10. Shout About It
11. High Hopes
12. She Was The One
13. Dangerous
14. Lovestruck
15. Smile

Usually when we hear new songs at a concert, we feel awkward because we can’t sing along but that definitely wasn’t the case when The Vamps premiered the songs “Last Night” and “Girls On TV” during their NYC show. The Vamps’ cover of  Simon & Garfunkel’s “Cecilia” is absolutely amazing live and shows off how talented they are.

Hopefully there will be American release dates soon.  The Vamps said they’ll be back in the States in late April and have some exciting things in store for the US this summer!


Be sure to visit and follow the band on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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