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AJR’s Infinity Tour Stops At The Gramercy Theatre

AJR’s Infinity Tour had a hometown show in NYC on Sunday night at the Gramercy Theatre.   It’s been a while since their last headlining show in the city, and New York welcomed them back with open arms.  The tour is in support of AJR’s new single and EP, “Infinity.”  Their set included all of the tracks from the new EP, and some older favorites like “The World Is A Marble Heart” and “Livin’ On Love.”


With their smooth harmonies and a little brotherly banter, AJR kept the crowd engaged and dancing throughout the show.  The band is a lot of fun to watch live, especially during”Pitchfork Kids,” which featured a crazy drum off by Jack and Ryan.


The guys are especially talented when it comes to creating song mashups — a mix of R. Kelly’s “Ignition,” The Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” and their own “I’m Ready” was a standout.

The show ended with a double encore, as Adam, Jack and Ryan went into the crowd with opening act Minor Soul for an acoustic singalong to “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers, a throwback to their days spent busking around the city, where they honed their performance skills.

The show was also streamed on Yahoo! Screen with Live Nation.  If you have a chance to see AJR on tour, go!!!  The Infinity Tour is heading to Boston, Philly and upstate New York next.  Check out all of the dates here and pickup a copy of the Infinity EP on iTunes!


AJR Infinity Tour Setlist
Woody Allen
Married On A Hill
After Hours
Growing Old On Bleecker Street
Ignition/Wouldn’t It Be Nice/All About That Bass/I’m Ready Mashup
Alice By The Hudson
The World Is A Marble Heart
The Green And The Town
Livin’ on Love
Pitchfork Kids
Ho Hey (unplugged cover)
I’m Ready

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Nick & Knight Live At The Best Buy Theater in NYC

Nick Carter and Jordan Knight brought their duet project, Nick & Knight, to the Best Buy Theater in New York City on Friday night and it was everything we could have imagined and more for two boy band members teaming up for an album and tour.


During the concert, Jordan kept picking on Nick for being a trooper and powering through the concert even though Nick had almost lost his voice and was having a hard time singing.  That didn’t slow down his dance moves though, which he showcased in their terrific 90s medley mid-concert.  We might be biased but the best part of the concert might have been that cover of Ginuwine’s “Pony” that had the audience screaming with delight – like it was 1996 all over again! Watch their 90s medley below, which on its own is worth the price of admission.


Nick and Jordan slowed things down a little when they broke out an acoustic guitar and keyboard to sing one of the most heartfelt songs on the album – “Halfway There.”  Making sure to give their larger than life fans the right stuff, Nick and Jordan also covered their boy band hits “I Want It That Way” and “Step By Step.”


While we’re sad Jordan didn’t sing “Stingy” (Donnie was busy filming his TV show on Friday night), the sold out audience was treated to “Give It To You” and “Larger Than Life” featuring Nick Carter on the electric guitar.


Watch Nick & Knight sing “Paper” live below.

Catch Nick & Knight when they roll through your town.  You won’t forget it!    Check out the rest of the tour dates HERE.

Pick up a copy of their album on iTunes or Amazon now.

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Shawn Mendes Announces His First Headlining Tour

Canadian Vine sensation turned pop star Shawn Mendes just announced his very first headlining tour!  He’s been conquering the music world  with his vocal abilities and the connection he has with his fans, and just wrapped up a summer tour with Austin Mahone.

We’ll admit Shawn is using the word “tour” very loosely for this short three date outing, but we’re very excited to hear his new music.   Shawn’s debut EP shot straight to the #1 spot on the iTunes charts  within hours of its release.  He will also be playing new music at each show, as he is working on his upcoming debut album.  Check out the dates below!

Shawn Mendes Fall 2014 Tour Dates

Nov 15th – Best Buy Theatre – New York, NY – Buy Tickets
Nov 26th – The Wiltern Theater – Los Angeles, CA – Buy Tickets
Nov 30th – The Danforth Music Hall – Toronto, ON – Buy Tickets

Tickets go on sale this Saturday, September 27th at 12PM Local Time.  Make sure to be ready to go before they go on sale (read our Fangirl Handbook for ticket buying tips!) – the first 50 ticket buyers at each show will get a meet and greet with Shawn!

Watch Shawn perform his hit single “Life Of The Party” live at Arthur Ashe Kids Day 2014!

Grab a copy of Shawn’s debut EP on iTunes and Amazon now.

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Dan + Shay “Show You Off” In New Music Video

When it comes to interacting with fans, Dan + Shay are one of the best artists out there.  So when it came time to release the video for their new single, “Show You Off,” they asked their fans to tweet, tumblr and share the news in order to unlock it.  While they originally had a goal of 2 days, their loyal fans unlocked the video in around an hour!  Check it out below!

The video shows off their fans and what life is like on the road  for the busy duo, who have been on tour with Hunter Hayes and Blake Shelton this year.  They even feature fans speaking about what make Dan + Shay so special to them.  (We totally agree with all of you!)  From staying hours after every show doing signings, to constant interaction on Twitter, the guys totally get that it’s the little things that can make a fan’s day.

Dan + Shay are going on their first headlining tour this fall across the US, including a stop in NYC!  The Where It All Began Tour is on sale now!  And if you haven’t gotten a copy of our favorite album of the year, what are you waiting for?   Get “Where It All Began” on iTunes now!

They’ll also be stopping by Live with Kelly and Michael on Thursday, July 31st.  Make sure you tune in!  (Or stop by the studio in NYC and say hello!)

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O-Town Is Reuniting & Going On Tour

We’ve been the lamenting the lack of a boy band reunion in 2014, after recent years that brought us NKOTBSB, 98 Degrees, and even an *NSYNC reunion for a brief but glorious moment at the VMAs last year!  After much speculation, O-Town announced they will be reuniting for a tour and album this fall!  Unfortunately the bands’ most famous member, Ashley Parker Angel, appears to have better things to do and won’t be part of this.

While O-Town was never a priority in our boy band fangirling days, who doesn’t remember their single “Liquid Dreams?” Looking back, we aren’t sure why this song was played at middle school dances, but it was a huge Top 10 single for America’s 5th most popular boy band.  Watch the video below and enjoy having it stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

The reunion comes 10 years after the bands’ breakup, and O-Town is calling the reunion a “new beginning.” The band started thinking of a reunion just for the fun of it, to give fans a chance to see them perform old songs, and it ended up sparking new ideas and developing into new music. We’re hoping that *NSYNC felt some of this in their reunion last year, and are secretely working on new music as well! (Remember Justin Timberlake is a master of recording in secret. It can be done).

O-Town Fall 2014 Tour Dates
November 4th – Irving Plaza – New York, NY – Buy Tickets
November 5th – The Paramount – Huntington, NY – Buy Tickets
November 6th – The Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ – Buy Tickets
November 7th – The Wellmont Theater – Montclair, NJ – Buy Tickets
November 9th – Theater of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA – Buy Tickets

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Jonas Brothers Are Going On Tour! Well, Sort Of…

Just not in the way that you might hope.  Joe and Kevin Jonas announced today that they will be going on an “Off The Record” tour, which they have described as a “live, interactive show” that will allow them to interact with fans as never before.   It sounds a lot like “Storytellers,” just minus the whole music part.

The show will include a Q&A session, never-before-seen videos, and “many other surprises.”  If by “surprises” they mean Nick showing up and Jonas Brothers performing “Goodnight & Goodbye,” then we are totally there!   But unfortunately Nick will be sitting this one out.

After reading Joe’s tell all in New York Magazine, we can’t wait to see what kind of questions fans will be asking, and hope that Joe will be just as open.  (Attention fangirls:  this might be called “Off the Record” but be sure to take some videos!)

We had no idea when we saw Jonas Brothers last summer it would be our last Jonas show ever!  While we’re disappointed we won’t be seeing a musical reunion, it’s nice to see the brothers make an effort to re-connect with their fans, many of whom were shocked by their sudden split in October 2013.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 2nd at 10am.

Off the Record with Kevin & Joe Jonas
June 5th – iPlay America’s Events Center – Freehold, NJ – Buy Tickets
June 7th – Keswick Theatre – Glenside, PA – Buy Tickets
June 8th – The Grand – Wilmington, DE – Buy Tickets

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The Fangirl Handbook #1: Concert Etiquette

We’ve been to a lot of concerts over the years, everywhere from CBGBs (RIP) to Madison Square Garden and everything in between.   So when it comes to concert behavior, we’ve experienced it all, good and bad.

Here are some simple rules to keep in mind at your next show.

1.  There are people behind you!  This is not the time to break out your finest top hat.  Also, please don’t put anyone on your shoulders, especially if you’re already 6+ feet.  And while we love and encourage dancing, please try not to jump back onto the people behind you.

 Fan Girl hand book NO TOP HATS         fan girl handbook NO kids on shoulders

2. There is a time and place for screaming.  If the artist is introducing a meaningful ballad, try to keep the “I LOVE YOUUU!” in for just a little bit longer and you’ll be fine.   If you’re waiting in line to see the band, and you get that first up close glimpse of them, we know it’s exciting but please don’t scream.  You’re simultaneously scaring the band and taking up someone else’s brief time with them.

3.  If it’s an arena show, try your best to arrive before the main artist takes the stage.  There is nothing more annoying than having to wait for someone to shuffle by and locate their seats (and they can never find them) blocking your view while you miss your favorite song.

4. Put the phone away.  Of course, take a few photos and videos, but if you are sitting there texting the entire time, why are you there in the first place?  You can do that at home – for free!  And isn’t it nice to experience things in real life once and a while, rather than through a screen?

5.  Personal space.  You aren’t the only person in the room.

6.  No smoking of ANY kind.  This shouldn’t even have to be said, but you’d be surprised.

7.  Mind your beverages.  Try to keep them in your hand, and off of my purse/coat/new shoes/merch I just bought/head/etc.

8.  Standing is totally fine, IF you are in your own seat.  Do not stand in the stairway.  Do not stand on the barricade at the end of the stairway.  Do not stand on your chair. 99.9% of the time, you will be blocking the view of someone who actually paid for a seat in that section.  Also, if you can’t see because you’re seated and someone in front of you is standing, don’t get mad and rudely shout at the other person to sit.  Stand up!  It’s a concert, you should be dancing!

9.  Posters should only be used between songs, or held up for brief moments.  Again, just keep in mind your giant poster board is guaranteed to be blocking the views of everyone behind you.  Easy rule to follow?  If the band is singing, don’t put the sign up.  Wait for between songs.

10. Do not throw things on stage.  Ever.  This is why we can’t have nice things, like bottle caps at concerts.

11. If you are just arriving to a GA show seconds before showtime, no one believes that your “friend” is holding your spot in the front row.  Most likely everyone in the front has already been there for hours (even days), respect that, and don’t violently force and push your way through the crowd.  Want to be in the front?  You’ve got to put in the time.

Now if we could just get everyone to follow these simple guidelines, we can all enjoy the show!  (Don’t even get us started on tennis watching etiquette…)

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Fangirl Handbook:  How to Meet the Band