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The Friday Five: Rooney Songs

Robert Schwartzman’s California Roll Tour kicks off tonight in Boston.  We’re beyond excited for this tour –  for starters, Robert has written some of our favorite songs of all time (both solo and as the front man of Rooney) and we haven’t seen him in ages!  But the tour itself is something completely new and unexpected – he’s hosting it on a 30-passenger party bus.   We literally have no idea what to expect from this show which definitely adds an extra air of excitement!  So, in honor of the tour, here are our favorite Rooney songs!  (It was nearly impossible to keep this to 5 songs).

1. “Blueside”
The band’s first official single.  Bonus points if you caught Robert performing the song in “The Princess Diaries.”

2. “Popstars”
Robert is always ahead of his time – the lyrics of this song are even more relevant today than when it was released in 2003.

3. “I’m Shakin”
Hey man, do you know who sings this song?  ROONEY!

4. “I Should’ve Been After You”
This song and video perfectly capture Rooney’s retro sounds.

5. “I Can’t Get Enough”
Warning: watching this video will make you want to go roller skating. (Luckily the revival of all things 90s lately has included roller rinks!)

Bonus #1: Robert Schwartzman – “Out Of My Mind”

Bonus #2:  Solobob – “The Victim”
Robert’s first solo venture, and the greatest music video of all time.

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Robert Schwartzman Announces The California Roll Tour

It’s been a while since we’ve had any updates from one of our favorite artists, Robert Schwartzman.  Most of you might know him as the lead singer of a band called Rooney, but we also love Robert’s solo ventures and collabs.  His last album, “Double Capricorn,” came out in  2011, and he has been working on a new EP due out this fall!  Robert will be going on tour to support the EP, and in a very Schwartzman-family way, has come up with a totally new way of touring.

Rather than rent out the same old venues, Robert will be playing small, intimate shows for 30 fans.  In a party bus.  The show will be solo & unplugged, and YOU get to pick the set list!  Each show has voting open so you can decide which songs you get to hear, selecting from Rooney and Robert’s solo material.   Each show will last 2 hours, have a Q&A, meet & greet, contests, and exclusive merch.   Oh, and did we mention that you’d be on a party bus with Robert Schwartzman while he serenades you?   Check out RobertSchwartzman.com for more info, and a download of his latest track, “Do What You Want.”

Tickets are available now at  CaliforniaRollTour.com – get them while you still can!

Robert Schwartzman California Roll Tour Fall 2014
September 18th – Boston, MA
September 19th – Brooklyn, NY
September 20th – New York, NY
September 21st – Philadelphia, PA
September 23rd – Washington, D.C.
September 24th – Pittsburgh, PA
September 25th – Columbus, OH
September 26th – Detroit, MI
September 27th – Chicago, IL
September 28th – Chicago, IL
September 30th, Nashville, TN
October 1st – Atlanta, GA
October 3rd – New Orleans, LA
October 4th – Austin, TX
October 5th – Austin, TX
October 6th – Dallas, TX
October 7th – Oklahoma City, OK
October 9th – Albuquerque, NM
October 10th – Phoenix, AZ
October 11th – Las Vegas, NV
October 12th – Las Vegas, NV
October 13th – San Francisco, CA
October 15th – San Diego, CA
October 16th – Anaheim, CA
October 17th – Los Angeles, CA
October 18th – Los Angeles, CA


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