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Joel Crouse Releases Debut Album “Even The River Runs”

Singer Joel Crouse is making a name for himself in the country world and setting his sights on the top of the charts with his debut album.  When fans were able to purchase “Even The River Runs” on iTunes at midnight, the album climbed up to #6 on the country charts and it kept pushing its way upward as release day dawned.

Joel wrote or co-wrote every song on the promising debut effort, which is compiled of songs about the struggles of growing up and growing apart.  He’s already opened for country superstars like Taylor Swift, The Bad Perry, and even Darius Rucker.  Crouse isn’t one of those “cover a song on YouTube” stars, he took the time to build up his fan base grass roots style: in dive bars and on the road.

Watch the official lyric video for Joel Crouse’s single “Why God Made Love Songs” below.

Pick up a copy of “Even The River Runs” from iTunes or Amazon now!

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The Strypes USA Tour Dates & “4 Track Mind” EP Out Now!

Let’s be real:  When you hear the phrase “teenage band from the UK,” you probably cringe.  If that’s the case, you haven’t heard of The Strypes yet, one of our favorite new artists.  The Strypes have a sound way beyond their years, drawing influences from The Yardbirds, The Rolling Stones and The Animals.  It’s hard to believe they are all under 18 years old.  Their debut album, “Snapshot,” is available on iTunes now, and they just released the “4 Track Mind” EP in the US today.  Listen to their track “Hard To Say No” below.

We unfortunately missed their sold-out album release show in NYC last March, which Rolling Stone raved about.  Since the talented quartet hail from the Ireland, we weren’t sure when we’d get a chance to see them again.   Lucky for us (and you) they are back in the US this week for a string of shows, including stops at the 9:30 Club and Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Check out the dates below and don’t miss your chance to see them!

The Strypes US Tour Dates
August 19th – 9:30 Club – Washington, D.C. – Buy Tickets
August 20th – Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA – Buy Tickets
August 22nd – The Sinclair – Boston, MA – Buy Tickets
August 23rd – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY – Buy Tickets

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Phase V Launch Indie Go-Go Campaign To Fund Debut EP

LA based boyband Phase V have launched an Indie Go-Go campaign to help fund their debut EP.  They’ve released a single so far and have performed with more than a few big names.  We love that they are staying true to the boyband genre, with smooth harmonies and dance moves.  Now, Phase Five are setting their sights on releasing their debut EP.  Contribution perks include anything from a signed Phase V poser, to Skype session with the band, a chance to hang out with the band in the recording studio, even a date with your favorite Phase V band member!

Watch the announcement from the band below and if you are able to spare a few dollars, click HERE to support the future of true boy bands!

Pick up a copy of the bands first single, “Drop It” on iTunes or Amazon.

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Miguelito has already conquered Latin America with his infectious music and youthful swagger.  Now, the 15 year old is setting his sights on dominating the United States.  Oh and did we mention that he won a Latin Grammy when he was just 8 years old?  This kid is making huge strides and there’s no sign of him slowing down any time soon.
His new single, “Suga Suga,” is a remake of The Archie’s classic, and features Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men.  We got the chance to talk to Miguelito and pick his brain about everything from his favorite 90s boyband, to crazy fan experiences, and even who he would love to tour with! We’re big fans of your video for “Suga Suga.”  What made you choose such a classic song to rework?
Miguelito:  This is a song that I think not only adults know, but also kids.  And that makes it a really amazing song for me because I’m at a point in my career where I want to be able to grab as many fans as I can.  In Latin America, my fan base isn’t only teenagers or kids, it’s the whole family.  So that was one of the main points of why we did that song, because we wanted to be able to grab as many fans as we could and we knew that by doing a cover and reworking a song like “Sugar Sugar” we could [reach] parents, grandparents, and teenagers.
SF: Since we love 90s boy bands and since you collaborated with Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men on the single, we wanted to know: if you could collaborate with any other boy band member, past or present, who would you choose and why?
M: One guy I really like is Justin Timberlake, who started in *NSYNC.  Everyone would like to collaborate with him.  I would love to collaborate with him!  I grew up listening to him.  One of my inspirations is Michael Jackson and I see Justin as a young Michael Jackson.  He does things that are new and original, he’s being himself and that’s what I like about him.  He has a complete show, and he would be one of my main choices to collaborate with.  I think right now he’s one of the best in the industry.

SF:  Well, you’re only 15 and you have already released several albums and won a Latin Grammy.  What would you like to accomplish next?
M:  I’m not a person that goes, “Oh, I wanna win this award next.”  I work for my fans because thanks to them, I am where I am right now, so I keep working for them.  Right now, I’m working on a rap-pop album in English, and I’m also making a new Spanish album for all my fans in Latin America.  I’m working on a crossover but I don’t want to want to leave my Latin side because those are my roots.  That’s where I started and I can’t just move on from there.  So that’s what I’m doing right now.  I’ve got a couple shows to do in Puerto Rico, then also Latin America in Mexico and next month in Texas.  We’re doing a lot of things and we’re just working, that’s what I like to do.

SF: You mentioned that you’re working on your English language album, how is recording going so far and what can you tell us about it?
M:  I’ve gotten the opportunities to do things that are really different from what I’ve done in the past.  We have an amazing album coming, and the song “Suga Suga” is going to be included, so are “Party Nonstop” and “Swaggin.”  We’re making an amazing album.  That’s what we’re trying to do.  It’s been amazing working with some great people:  Shawn Stockman, Andrew Lane – he worked with Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical, and Mary J Blige.  Working with so many people who are so experienced in this music business makes it even better because they know a lot about the industry.  And I’ve been able to write multiple songs for this album.  We’re about to finish it and I’m super excited!  We’ve had a lot of success, something really good is happening.
SF: You’re already hugely popular in Central and South America, and you’re quickly building your fan base here in the U.S.  How has your life changed since moving to Los Angeles?
M: It’s changed in a lot of ways.  I came here to LA to live, and my mindset has changed a lot.  Now I know this is my life and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.  I am putting more work into my career:  writing more songs, getting to the studio every day, doing more stuff than before.  And also, the fans in the US have been amazing.  I started my fan club and already have a lot of fans here in the US: New York, Miami, LA, Pennsylvania, Texas.  We’ve been lucky here in the US and doing a lot of new stuff that I think is helping my fan base grow. 
SF: How would you describe your musical style?
M:  My musical style varies – it’s not just one genre, it’s a lot of different genres together.  I like to try different things.  I want to create music for the family, not only for the teenagers or the kids, but [something] the parents and the grandparents can listen to it and be like “Oh, I like that song” and you can play it in the car.  So I think that’s how I would explain my music.  It’s pop, rap, urban [for] kids, teenagers, the whole family. 
SF: If you could create your dream tour lineup, what other artists would you love to tour with?
M:  First one, I gotta say Justin Timberlake.  He’s the main one.  I would put Drake on it, Jason Derulo because his new album is amazing.   Austin Mahone.  Demi Lovato – she’s amazing and I’ve been to her shows and they’re super cool!  And we can’t forget Beyonce, I gotta put Beyonce.  And I think I’d say Rihanna.  And another guy, Jay-Z.  That would be my lineup.  And we can’t forget me! 
SF: We were just saying that you with Austin Mahone would be a great tour together.
M:  It would, it would. [Austin] is an amazing artist and he’s growing up and I think there are a lot of teenagers that are starting to [get into] music.  Because before, a couple of years ago, there weren’t as many teenagers out there working it and doing music and now there are a lot of us.  I like that because there’s more talent out there than just adults.  So we teenagers can run this!
SF: What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to as a fan?
M:  The best concert I’ve been to was, I gotta say, the Jonas Brothers!  I went to a Jonas Brothers concert when I was like 9 or 10 in Puerto Rico and it was the best concert ever!
SF: We were big Jonas Brothers fans, too.
M: Yeah, when I grew up, it was kinda like Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, those were the artists.  All the Disney Channel stars.  I grew up listening to the Jonas Brothers.  And they had the Afros, and the moves, the moving stage, and it was great.  Yeah, I think that was the best show I’ve ever been to!
SF: We love it!   And now when you’re performing, what is something special you try to bring to all of your shows?
M: I just gotta be original.  Not do the same show over and over again because you know sometimes people don’t like to see that.  I’m performing a lot of times repeatedly in the same countries so I have to do different shows.  So if I come back for a second time, I try to change it a bit, change the things I say, the order of the songs, new dance moves on stage, bring up fans to the stage and do like, crazy stuff and make the show fun because I don’t want my shows to be just a concert.  I want them to be entertaining so the fans can have fun!  I try to top my last show like “Hey, let’s look at the mistakes in my last show, and let’s try to make it different this time.”

SF: Have you ever had any crazy fan encounters you could share with us?
M:  Crazy fan encounters…um man, I gotta say, when I was in Chile, actually.  After my show, all the crew went to the van to get to the airport for another show, and the fans just went out and they wouldn’t let us out.  We were surrounded by the fans and they were moving the van from side to side.  Oh my God, it was crazy because the van was moving really hard and I thought that maybe they were going to break a window or something. Fans in Latin America – they’re crazy though, like they live for their artists.

SF: They’re really passionate.
M: Yeah, they’re really passionate but I like that, though.  It’s kinda cool to have that moment.
SF: Is there anything that you’d like to say to your fans?
M:  That they’re the best and without them I wouldn’t be where I am right now.  And just wait for more stuff from Miguelito because we have a lot of stuff coming.  We’re coming out with a clothing line, and my new album in English and an album in Spanish, and we’re doing shows, too.  We have a lot of things coming up, so follow me on my social pages @MiguelitoMTO on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to stay updated.
SF: Do you have any plans for a US tour in the future?
M: Yes, we’re kinda planning a tour for next year.  Once we finish the album and put out one or two more singles, after that we’re gonna start planning the whole US tour!  Man, I’ve been dying to do that tour, but we’re planning everything the right way so everything comes out perfect!
SF: That sounds great! We can’t wait!   Thank you so much for talking with us!
M: Anytime, anytime! Thank you for your time!

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Wild Party “When I Get Older” Music Video

Wild Party just released the music video for their single, “When I Get Older.”  The band was one of the finalists in the iHeart Radio & Macy’s Rising Star contest this year.  Their debut album, “Phantom Pop,” will be released on October 7th and is available to pre-order on iTunes now.   Watch the video below!

You can see Wild Party at Westway in NYC this Friday, August 15th, with Hellogoodbye.  Buy tickets now!   See all of their upcoming tour dates below.


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Sam Hunt Releases “X2C” EP

Rising country star Sam Hunt has been in heavy rotation in our summer playlists, with tracks like “Raised On It” and “Leave The Night On.”   His debut album isn’t due out until October 27th, but Sam decided to release a little preview of what’s coming.   The “X2C” EP out today features new tracks along with the single “Leave The Night On.”  We’ve loved everything we’ve heard from Sam so far, so we’re thrilled to have a couple of new songs to hold us over until the album release!

Sam Hunt “X2C” Tracklisting
1. “Leave The Night On”
2. “Ex to See”
3. “House Party”
4. “Breakup In A Small Town”

Pickup a copy of the EP on iTunes now or stream it on Spotify!  You can see Sam Hunt on the CMT Tour this fall with Kip Moore and Charlie Worsham.  Check out the dates here!

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THE HEYDAZE Release “Arnold Palmer,” Add New Tour Dates

NYC’s THE HEYDAZE just released a new track, and it’s the perfect addition to your summer playlist.  We tested this song while we were on vacation and it’s Secret Fangirls approved for driving around with the windows down sippin’ sweet tea. Listen to “Arnold Palmer” below!

You can download “Arnold Palmer” and other tracks on THE HEYDAZE’s Facebook page – for free! 

They’ll be joining Jesse McCartney on the In Technicolor Tour starting tonight for the East Coast & Midwest dates.  See where THE HEYDAZE will be stopping below!

THE HEYDAZE Summer 2014 Tour Dates with Jesse McCartney
August 8th – The Fillmore – Silver Spring, MD – Buy Tickets
August 9th – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA – Buy Tickets
August 12th – Irving Plaza – New York, NY –  Buy Tickets
August 13th – Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA  – Buy Tickets
August 16th – Paramount – Huntington, NY – Buy Tickets
August 21st – St. Andrew’s Hall – Detroit, MI – Buy Tickets
August 22nd – Deluxe – Indianapolis, IN – Buy Tickets
August 23rd – Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH – Buy Tickets

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